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Life Sciences 1a. An Integrated Introduction to the Life Sciences: Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology

Catalog Number: 2137
Robert A. Lue, Daniel E. Kahne, Richard M. Losick, and Susan Mango
Primarily for Undergraduates
Half course
(fall term).
Tu., Th., 1-2:30;
Exam Group: 8
What are the fundamental features of living systems? What are the molecules imparting them and how do their chemical properties explain their biological roles? The answers form a basis for understanding the molecules of life, the cell, diseases, and medicines. In contrast with traditional presentations of relevant scientific disciplines in separate courses, we take an integrated approach, presenting chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology framed within central problems such as the biology of HIV and cancer.
Note: For more information about the assignment process, please see the course website in the fall. This course, in combination with Life Sciences 1b, constitutes an integrated introduction to the Life Sciences. This course, when taken for a letter grade, meets the General Education requirement in Science of Living Systems.