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MCB 234. Cellular Metabolism and Human Disease

Catalog Number: 0870
Thomas Michel (Medical School) and Cheryl Denise Vaughan
Primarily for Graduates
Half course
(spring term).
M., W., F., 9-10:30
Exam Group: 2,3
Location: 1 Story Street 304
Cellular and organismal metabolism, with focus on interrelationships between key metabolic pathways and human disease states. Genetic and acquired metabolic diseases and functional consequences for specific organ systems. Lectures and conferences are integrated with clinical encounters with patients.
Note: Students may attend lectures in either Cambridge or Boston since they will be transmitted live from HMS to Harvard College and vice-versa; the inter-campus link will allow real-time interactions between students and faculty at each site. May not be taken concurrently with BCMP 234. May not be taken for credit if BCMP 234 has already been taken.
Prerequisites: Knowledge of introductory biochemistry, genetics, and cell biology required (MCB 52 and MCB 54 or equivalent); one year of organic chemistry.