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OEB 10. Foundations of Biological Diversity

Catalog Number: 7967
Brian D. Farrell, Elena M. Kramer, and Andrew Richardson
Primarily for Undergraduates
Half course
(fall term).
M., W., F., at 12, and two hours of laboratory/discussion section weekly, including field trips to marine and forest environments.
Exam Group: 11
An integrated approach to the diversity of life, emphasizing how chemical, physical, genetic, ecological and geologic processes contribute to the origin and maintenance of biological diversity. Topics to be covered include the evolution of metabolic pathways, multicellularity and structural complexity; causes and consequences of differences in diversity over space and time; the role of species interactions (including symbioses) as an evolutionary force; and the evolution of humans and their impact on the environment.
Note: Knowledge of introductory molecular, cellular biology, and genetics is recommended. This course, when taken for a letter grade, meets the General Education requirement for Science of Living Systems.