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[OEB 190. Biology and Diversity of Birds]

Catalog Number: 3870
Scott V. Edwards
For Undergraduates and Graduates
Half course
(spring term).
Tu., Th., 11:30-1, and two hours weekly of specimen laboratory.
An introduction to the biology of birds. Covers the fossil record and theories for avian origins, physiology and anatomy, higher-level systematics and field characters of the ~27 orders, speciation processes, nesting and courtship behavior, vocalizations, mating systems and sexual selection, cooperative breeding, demography and conservation. Optional field trip during spring break. Laboratories will consist of gross anatomy, bird watching excursions in the Cambridge area, field techniques and specimen preparation, and systematic study of avian groups using the collections of the Museum of Comparative Zoology.
Prerequisites: OEB 10 or OEB 53 or permission of the instructor.