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Psychology 1703. Human Sexuality

Catalog Number: 7683
Justin J. Lehmiller
For Undergraduates and Graduates
Half course
(spring term).
M., W., 1-2:30 pm
Exam Group: 6,7
Location: Emerson Hall 105
This course examines the development and expression of sexual behavior as a complex psychological, socio-cultural, and biological phenomenon. Students explore topics including: historical perspectives on sexuality; sexology research methods; biological bases of sexual behavior; sexual arousal and response; gender identity and gender roles; sexual orientation; romantic attraction and love; sexual dysfunctions and sex therapy; safer sex and STD prevention; typical and atypical sexual behaviors; and pornography and prostitution.
Prerequisites: Science of Living Systems 20 and at least one course from PSY 13, PSY 14, PSY 15, PSY 18, or SLS15.