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Spanish C. Intermediate Spanish

Catalog Number: 5819
Adriana Gutiérrez and members of the Department
Primarily for Undergraduates
Half course
(fall term; repeated spring term).
Sections M. through Th., at 9, 10, 11, or 1
Exam Group: 4
An intermediate language and culture class that aims to consolidate and expand the skills of listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish. Includes a comprehensive review of the grammar and reinforces linguistic acquisition through texts, movies, art and multi-media projects to acquaint students with cultural issues relevant to the Spanish-speaking world.
Note: Conducted in Spanish. May not be taken Pass/Fail, but may be taken Sat/Unsat by GSAS students. Not open to auditors. Section on-line on the Spanish C website. Upon the recommendation of the course head, students who have performed at a superior level in this course may enroll in any course for which they are linguistically prepared.
Prerequisites: Spanish Ab, Acd, 451-600 on the SAT II test or on the Harvard Placement Test, or permission of course head.